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what do we consider a private event?

A private event is just that-Private. An event that is closed to the public, and by-invitation-only (excluding weddings, as they require a much different approach and level of planning). Some private events we’ve worked are: corporate meetings, galas, sorority formals, fitness classes, greek bid days, company holiday parties, birthdays, reunions, golf community events, after-parties, and so much more. We at Sound Insight are experts at solving potential event problems and creating entertainment solutions that match your budget, expectations, and desired outcome.

why we love private events

We love private events because we love helping people come together to celebrate. We enjoy being around YOUR people. You care about your co-workers, members, friends, and/or family enough to have an event and invite them. Make it unique. Make it fun. Make it memorable!

Popular Private Event Services

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We at Sound Insight are based in Athens, GA but are available for private events and celebrations across the Southeast.